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What We Do 

We are on a mission to make people's lives better with FOOD. We do this by engaging craftsmen farmers, chefs and eaters around the world.
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    We visit small, local farmers producing high-quality pure products. By meeting the people behind the food, we ensure that they produce good FOOD and build relationships with craftsmen farmers.

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    We engage visionary chefs that don't cut corners. Our partner chefs know who produces their ingredients, butcher & use whole animals and above all create delicious dishes.

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    HooftyMatch was born out of a passion to connect people with sources of high-quality meats. We visit farms not only to meet the people growing our food, but also to make sure the animals are happy and healthy.

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    We're always connecting with passionate eaters like you to help us build a new, healthy, community-based food system. We're happy to have you on board!

Our Properties

About Us 

We have a passion for FOOD and want to help you connect with the people and places behind it.


We dream of making food human again.

FOOD is a cultural birthright. It's been passed down to us for millennia. Yet recently it seems like the human element has disappeared from our food. Most of us don't know who grows our food or are even taught what to eat.

We believe that people should be the center of food again. We believe that culture and science play a role in new FOOD. We believe that in order to have more FOOD in our lives, we all need to take closer look at what we eat.

We dream of making food human again.


We connect people to FOOD by empowering farmers, delighting consumers and engaging everyone in between. We use our personal, culinary and technological skills to make this a reality.

Our current project connecting people to FOOD is HooftyPlates. We source high-quality meats and vegetables from local farms in order to create delicious, prepared meals for our health conscious customers.


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
  • How do we get FOOD in 3 Steps

    Eating healthy food requires constant learning. We help you along the way from farm to fork.

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    All FOOD starts on a farm. We personally visit each farm we source ingredients from and highlight ways you can do this yourself.

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    What would steak be without a charred crust and succulent middle. We engage great chefs to make sure you get the best out of high-quality, healthy ingredients

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    Eating is not just a biological necessity, it's a cultural act meant to be shared. Join the tribe of like-minded individuals seeking FOOD by liking us on Facebook.

Our Team 

We're a small team of entrepreneurs that are passionate about healthy food, healthy communities and a healthy environment.
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    Jonathan Yale

    Founder, CEO

    I think about my own health all the time - it's what initially drove me to start visiting farms to purchase high-quality meats and other FOOD. My previous knowledge of nutrition collided with my newfound passion for sharing FOOD with others. The combination of this resulted in HooftyMatch.

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    Phillip Willaims

    Founder, CTO

    I have been passionate about food for most of my life, but not about nutrition and where my food comes from. This is the main reason I wanted to create a solution to the issues of my own poor health issues and to help others learn about quality foods from local farms.

  • HooftyMan


    Hoofty yet Human

    He eats

Upcoming Events 

We will announce our summer charity event soon.

For information regarding past events like CLE Meats The Black Pig, please see the video section.


  • Hey Jonathan, what are you up to?

    So we are banging away all day on code, connections, recipes, and business ideas to make our Hoofty Army happy. So I asked Founder and CEO Jonathan Yale what he was up to. In typical fashion he answered with his normal stern method of delivery.

  • What's coming next?

    We are working on a new project called HooftyPlates. This is a prepared meal service that will allow people to eat healthy meals, quickly, affordably with no need to worry if they are healthy. Think of HooftyPlates as the newest fast food chain coming to a gym near you!


Want to to know more about us or any of the restaurants, farms, or farmers we highlight? Reach out to us.

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Address:  29605 Lorain Rd North Olmsted, OH 44070.

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